Send. Click. Order. Repeat.

Email & SMS marketing sounds so simple, yet only 30% of small businesses have a robust strategy to reach and engage customers. We’re here to fix that!

We dive into customer motivations to create personalised, clickable reasons for them to engage and make a purchase, then follow up with a memorable customer experience that leaves them wanting more.

These are our most requested services:

Strategic growth of your email list to qualifies the best leads at sign up. We segment your list and create niche messaging to maximise your customer experience and revenue.

Email & SMS list growth & data management

Building an engaged list is the first step to achieving a high order rate. We create tailored segmentation models to deliver a unique and personalised customer experience.

Create your automated sales flow to build predictable revenue you can bank on. You'll feel like you've gained an extra member of your sales team!

Automated email & SMS marketing flows

  Automated marketing sequences return predictable revenue that you can bank on! We offer strategy and implementation services that have you covered before, during and after the sale.

Supercharge your campaigns and create consistent revenue by showcasing the best that your business has to offer through storytelling, education, promos and more!

Email & SMS marketing campaign management

Highly engaging marketing campaigns return consistent revenue and showcase the best that your business has to offer. We take a worry out of what to send next with end-to-end management services.

Who we work with

We support founders, marketing managers and digital agencies of online or hybrid online / bricks & mortar stores, including boutiques, curated stores, and stand alone brands.

Our amazing clients come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing they have in common is that they know enough about email marketing to seek out expert guidance, and that’s pretty savvy if you ask us!

So, whether you’re wearing multiple marketing hats and don’t have time to develop and maintain your email and SMS channels, or you’re completely lost on how to start, or what to prioritise next, we’ve got you!

Our tech of choice? That’s easy! – it’s Klaviyo integrated with Shopify or WooCommerce.

Our Expert Email & SMS Marketing Services

Become a welcomed part of someone’s inbox, not another marketing intrusion! Let us build tailored email marketing strategies and services for your business! Here’s our services menu, but you can also get in touch if you have specific requirements.

Our Expert Email Marketing Services

Become a welcomed part of someone’s inbox, not another marketing intrusion! Let us build tailored email marketing strategies and services for your business! Here’s our services menu, but you can also get in touch if you have specific requirements.


Campaign Management

Coming up with fresh, original content, and making your email & SMS campaigns look on-brand and professional can feel as elusive as trying to catch a butterfly with chopsticks. Let’s super charge your campaigns!


Welcome Sequence

You’re kind of a big deal – isn’t it about time your list knew that too? Yes it is! Make an uncopyable first impression with a welcome sequence. Choose to have your existing sequence made over or built from scratch.


Klaviyo Flow Set Up

Are you only selling without building long term relationships? It’s exhausting! Instead, create an exceptional customer experience that increases engagement, revenue and LTV, without feeling spammy.


Account Audit

Are you living email to email and unsure what’s working and what’s not? Request a tailored audit for your business and see if you’re on track to building meaningful relationships and consistent revenue.

Welcome to the Email Parade! My name is Tamsin. Since 2018, I’ve worked with over 40 DTC Aussie brands to achieve success with highly personalised email and SMS marketing.

Building robust strategies, delivering predictable revenue and consistent growth, without resorting to manipulative marketing tactics, is what we do best!

If this sounds like something you needed yesterday for your brand, get in touch!

What our clients’ say…

How we build tailored customer experiences with strategic email marketing, copywriting and design

Humanise your data

Your list is full of real humans with real needs. We turn your list into smart, powerful segments so that your messaging becomes more relevant than mass send-to-alls.

Create uncopyable content

When you treat your content as an asset it becomes part of your brand’s DNA. We bring your emails to life using your unique stories and voice.

Automate with purpose

When you instantly meet people’s needs they feel seen. We build automations that take people from strangers to customers, customers to repeat customers and your most loyal supporters.

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Delivering great service starts with using great tech which is why we’re proud to be partnered with Klaviyo.

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