FREE 10 Ticks for your Email Template

Learn the 10 ticks you need to build the foundations for your email marketing template.

The only checklist that gives away the TOP 10 things expert email marketers always do for their client templates.

10 Ticks For Your Email Template

How does your email marketing template compare?

It’s never been more important to ensure that your email marketing template is getable, in seconds! Email Read Rates have dropped from 13.4 seconds (2018) to 9 seconds (2022) (source: Litmus).

If your email layout is confusing, cluttered and unclear, then subscribers are going to delete (at best) or unsubscribe. Remember, a confused mind says no!

What you get…

You get a ridiculously simple breakdown of the 10 things email marketing experts always include in their client templates – from simple (and underrated!) tips to need-to-know insights!

Who it’s for…

This is for you if you overthink your email marketing template, haven’t given it any thought whatsoever, or get bamboozled by tech.

It’s perfect for online boutiques, creative professionals, coaches, curated shops, freelancers, educators, bricks & mortar stores, digital agencies, anyone who’s ever tried to impress their followers, reformed marketing bros, and lastly, YOU!

10 Ticks For Your Email Template