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6 Real Life Lead Magnet Examples from Australian businesses


Want to grow your email list?

And not just with any ol’ randoms, but people who are actually interested in what you’re selling!

Then you need to create a killer Lead Magnet! It’s like a shiny, irresistible prize that your audience can’t resist… and all they have to do is hand over their email address.

We’ve got the inside scoop on how 6 other Australian businesses are crushing it with their Lead Magnets, and we’re ready to spill the tea!

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When it comes to Lead Magnets, the possibilities seem endless…

… but that’s not good for you because too many choices can lead to inaction.

So, to help you snap out of that hypnotic cursor stare and get inspired to create your irresistible lead magnet (like the boss we know you are!) grab our lead magnet examples. Let’s get you growing your email list with the right people.