You’ve probably heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you might’ve even bought something when you’ve spotted a too-good-to-resist bargain, but is this traditional American retail shopping event really worth it in Australia, and how can email marketing play a part in delivering a great shopping experience without feeling like you’re participating in a spam food fight with every other Australian retailer?

Is Black Friday really a thing in Australia?

In recent years you may’ve notice that here in Australia our Christmas shopping habits have changed. For one, more of us are buying online than ever before, and two, we’re looking for deals and discounts before Christmas day, not just on Boxing Day.

Where our biggest concern used to be about getting reliable delivery before 25th December, and paying whatever was required to make that happen, more of us are expected to keep our wallets shut until Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) sales weekend starts on November 24th.

How popular is Black Friday in Australia, exactly?

Before BFCM became a thing in Australia, it was the mighty Boxing Day sales that were the highly anticipated sales event of the year. People queued for hours for department stores to open, and the nightly News often reported keen shoppers camping out overnight followed by the door opening crush to get the best deals.

Fast forward to BFCM sales in 2023 and Australians are expected to exceed the $7.1 billion spend from 2022, with more than 10 million Australians ready to shop (a 14% increase on last year!).

Should your small business do a Black Friday sale?

You might be asking yourself, should I do a Black Friday sale in Australia in 2023?

And it’s fair enough because not every Australian small business has the margins to heavily discount like the major retailers… considering that the average discount in 2022 was 27% (up from 24% in 2021). Yikes!

It really is up to the individual business.

Is it ok to not have a Black Friday offer?











So, is Black Friday just a discounting race to the bottom?

Not if you’re segmenting your email marketing list smartly!

According to Klaviyo, there are a few different key segments of shoppers that you can look at to help you strategise your approach. We like these three:

Deal hunters

Also known as seasonal shoppers who are only willing to shop sales and are motivated to save money where they can.


They are loyal customers and are happy to buy from a brand they know and trust. They’re motivated by newness, trends and also special offers.

Window shoppers

They may take the time to compare different brands and weigh up the pros and cons. They are likely to be recently active on your site, or may’ve even added an item to cart, but never made the purchase.

Each group has different motivations, but are all open to buying.

What Black Friday discounts should I run?

Not every small Australian business has the ability to discount freely.

Some businesses may have the ability to offer limited discounts, or not at all if their margins are low, so here are some of the most popular options, in no particular order:

— Price or percentage discounts – $20 off / 20% off
— Tiered discounts – spend $100, get $10 off
— Mystery discounts – Spin the wheel
— Free shipping / Gift

You might find that none of these work for your business and maybe you need to think outside of the box. Here’s some options:

— Get $10 store credit for every $100 spent (good for enticing return customers)
— Free gift to the first 50 orders (good if you’ve got stock to move)
— Free sample to the first 50 orders (good for collabs)
— Free Express shipping upgrade
— Bundle and save

How to win more sales this Black Friday, Cyber Monday with your email marketing campaigns

Over the year

— Analysis optimal send times, e.g. do morning, afternoon or evening sends work better for your audience?
— Pick a marketing platform that has built in benchmarks, like Klaviyo, to help understand how you compare to the rest of your market. Use these to make improvements, e.g. pick a key metric that is under-performing compared to your peers and work on it, such as, driving down unsubscribes or increasing revenue per recipient.

In the months leading up

— Understand what email template design works best from your most recent campaigns. Look at the layout, button placements, messaging and more. What made these work so well, and can you replicate these layouts for your sales emails?
— Optimise your ‘abandonment’ flows by testing different elements, e.g. call-to-action placements, different subject lines, etc.
— Don’t forget, there is more than one type of abandonment flow – Cart, Checkout, Browser and Site – so it’s worth making sure you’ve got all of your bases covered.

During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales campaign

— Send daily, but not to everyone. It’s important to segment your list.
— Send an email to all segments at the very beginning, then continue to send campaigns each day, but only to people who have engaged with prior emails. When you narrow focus, emails are less likely to feel annoying and subscribers who ignore emails stop getting them, which also helps reduce unsubscribes.
— On the last day of the sale (usually Cyber Monday), send emails with “final-hours” messaging to people who have opened or clicked on an email in the last 48 hours, but haven’t purchased yet.
— Include SMS alerts for those who have opted into receiving SMS, e.g. early access, final hours. If you don’t have SMS set up yet, add this to your list for next year and use the next 12 months to build it out.

Year on year

— Always take the time to look back at what worked well and compare your November (sales) campaign year-on-year.
— Use these insights to set your goals for the following year.

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