Did you know that over a third of your subscribers decide whether to open your emails based on how catchy the subject line is? It’s a game-changer!

So, how can you create subject lines that grab attention and make your subscribers click open? Let’s dive in and explore seven different styles of catchy subject lines that will captivate your readers from the moment your email lands in their inbox.

1. Get to the Point for Maximum Impact

With 50% of Australians choosing to check their emails on a mobile device, it’s important to grab your reader’s attention by keeping your subject line short and to the point. Don’t make them think too hard because when content is difficult to consume, we tend to switch off and move on.

Short subject lines that pack a punch:

~ 10 gluten-free pasta recipes
~ 70% off starts now
~ Your welcome gift inside!

2. Test the Length and Find Your Sweet Spot

If you’re not convinced about sticking to short subject lines, it’s time to experiment by testing them against long-form subject lines. The trick is to match them as closely as possible to help you discover the perfect length that resonates with your audience.

Comparing short versus long subject lines:

~ Affordable luxury VS. A bit of luxury for the whole family
~ Organise your wardrobe in minutes VS. How to organise your wardrobe in just minutes a day
~ Take an extra 20% off! VS. Heads up: Extra 20% off end of season sale starts now

3. Spark Curiosity with Thought-Provoking Questions

Try tapping into our natural human curiosity with a question! The trick is to make your question more of a teaser so the reader is left with no choice but to open your email to find the answer.

Question-based subject lines:

~ Want to see something cool?
~ Which superfoods boost your energy levels?
~ Need to make a good first impression?

4. Unleash Your Creativity with Out-of-the-Box Subject Lines

Captivate your readers with subject lines that are unexpected. Let your brand’s personality shine and don’t be afraid to be bold and daring while staying true to your brand.

Out-of-the-box subject lines:

~ Things that make you go ‘Yes, Please!’
~ Your wish just came true: New items added!
~ Work hard, Wine harder – invite inside!

5. Personalisation for a Touch of Connection

Did you know that personalising subject lines with a a *first_name* field can increase engagement?

That’s because we don’t actually read our own name but see it like an image. We process images in 13 milliseconds which is 600,000 faster than text making it instantly recognisable. The trick is to not overuse this style of subject line as it can become a bit repetitive.

Personalised subject lines:

~ *First_name*, get ready for a special delivery!
~ Flash Sale alert *First_name* – 30% Off today only!
~ Your support blew us away, *First_name*!

6. Harness the Power of Emojis in Email Marketing

Emojis aren’t just fun characters; they can also help increase your open rates. That’s because emojis tend to be colourful, are instantly recognisable, and they help brands to appeal to specific emotions in a way that other content fails to do.

Examples of subject lines with emojis:

~ What’s new for spring 🌻
~ ⚡Flash sale⚡30% Off!
~ 👗 Dress up and stand out!

7. Drive Action with Urgency and Scarcity

Creating a sense of urgency in your subject lines can motivate readers to take immediate action. These types of attention-grabbing lines tend to highlight limited-time offers, exclusive deals, or limited stock. Be mindful not to overuse urgent-sounding subject lines too often; otherwise they lose their meaning.

Examples of urgency-driven subject lines:

~ Get ready – 30% Off sale is ON!
~ Free workshop kicks off tomorrow – you coming?
~ Hurry! 25% Off storewide ends soon!


Boost Your Email Open Rates with a Catchy Subject Line

Remember, mastering the art of creating catchy email subject lines increases open rates, resulting in more eyeballs across your content and more opportunities for people to buy!

Experiment with different styles, embrace personalisation, leverage the power of emojis, and create a sense of urgency (when appropriate). Analyse the results, fine-tune your approach, and adapt what resonates best with your unique audience.

Understanding how to grab your readers attention is just one part of laying the right email marketing foundations. Not sure what these are? Start by auditing your account with a FREE Email Audit Checklist. It’s the only audit to help you focus your email marketing efforts to grow your list, refine your strategy and increase engagement.