FREE Email Audit Checklist!


The only Email Audit you’ll ever need to…


  • Figure out where to focus your email marketing efforts to grow your list, refine your strategy and increase engagement.
  • Cut through all the email marketing terminology and jibber-jabber.
  • Decide if you’re ready to DIY your emails like a fearless pro, or if you want to team up with me for some extra swagger.
Email Audit Checklist
Download your FREE Email Audit!

Audit your own account and never feel ‘basic’ about email marketing again

The Googleverse is bursting at the seams with email marketing tips, hacks and “secrets” to growing your list, 10x-ing your revenue and filling your online course or membership, simply by sending a series of emails.

But here’s the REAL secret that gurus don’t tell you, if you don’t have your email marketing foundations in place, or know which strategies and tactics to embrace (and which ones to ditch), then you’re unlikely to find the key to unlocking consistent and predictable revenue for your business.

So, I’m inviting you to hop on the express train to my brain to learn what I review inside an Email Account Audit for my own clients! The best part – it’s a simple, uncomplicated checklist, and it’s totally FREE!

What you get?


You get a ridiculously simple breakdown of the 4
main areas I audit for clients + the questions I
ask as I go through.

These areas include: Lists &
Segments, Automations (flows), Campaigns &
Promotional Emails and Analysing Results.

Who is it for?


This is for you if you overthink email marketing, haven’t given it any thought whatsoever, or think it’s the town square of spam town! 

It’s perfect for online boutiques, creative professionals, coaches, curated shops, freelancers, educators, bricks & mortar stores, digital agencies, anyone who’s ever tried to impress their followers, reformed marketing bros, and lastly, YOU!