Email Marketing Management

Need help with your email marketing campaigns?

Coming up with fresh, original content, and making your email campaigns look on-brand and professional (all year round!) can feel as elusive as trying to catch a butterfly with chopsticks.

Some weeks you might be lighting up inboxes with awesome content and offers, but then struggling with what to say the next.

Don’t settle for an abundance of inconsistency – let us supercharge your email marketing campaigns and showcase the best that your business has to offer by telling stories, celebrating your products and services, leading with benefits, educating and more!

Our motto

Images Attract, Copy Sells

As professional copywriters and experts in scroll-worthy design, we’re BIG believers in balancing our clients email campaigns with images AND copy.

Images grab attention and help bring products and offers to life, and copy answers the ever important ‘what’s in it for me’ statement and builds the case for ‘why buy’.

It’s a match made in heaven!

Email Marketing Campaign Management - Email Parade - client examples

Do you know what successful email campaigns have that others don’t?

Audience, Original Content and Strategic Segmentation make the winning combination for revenue and customer loyalty.

It starts with truly understanding your audience needs, strategically segmenting your email list and creating bespoke content that people look forward to opening and reading!

Taking this approach to your email marketing campaigns generates 3x more revenue and 2x more click throughs (and halves the amount of unsubscribes!).

Want help managing your email marketing campaigns?

Real client results

Our dream client! A vibrant Aussie brand with buckets of personality but a lacklustre email marketing strategy.

First, we moved this brand to Klaviyo, a powerful marketing platform that deeply integrates with Shopify.

Then, we took them from sending very sporadic email campaigns to their list (usually sent at sale time), to consistent months of previously untapped revenue.

The moral of the story, people don’t hate receiving emails, they just hate receiving mass mail blasts that aren’t targeted or relevant!

Month on Month client results - Email Parade

They can spot mass mailers from a mile away, and if they feel like they’re being bombarded with generic messages, they’ll hit that unsubscribe button faster than a cheetah on a Red Bull binge.

But, if you only reach out to them once in a blue cheese moon, they’ll forget what your business is about. That’s why tailoring your content to their specific needs is the savvier choice! We offer four different monthly options each for Product-based businesses designed to suit your budget.

Prices for online brands, curated stores and hybrid online/brick & mortar stores

Suitable for online boutiques, brands with multiple, single products (including replenishables) who need to showcase their brand through clever copywriting and optimised design. Ideal for Shopify/Klaviyo integration, or other native integration using different tech platforms.

Hi, I’m Tamsin

Founder of Email Parade, aka. the engine room where magic happens for our clients through list growth, automated email sequences and email marketing campaign management.

My small team and I serve e-commerce and service-based businesses who want uncomplicated yet powerful email marketing that actually works.

We work with clients from Sydney to Singapore, Northern Territory to New Zealand, and even our local Pilates Studio!

Hi, I'm Tamsin. Founder of Email Parade

Here’s just some of what our clients say.

If you’d like to see our portfolio of work, please let us know via email or in the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions
What email marketing platforms do you work in?

For ecommerce shops we recommend using Klaviyo, especially if you have a Shopify store as the integration is deep and powerful.

For service-based businesses we recommend Active Campaign as it offers granular oversight of each subscribers engagement, making it easier for identifying leads.

Support for other platforms is also available, so if yours isn’t listed above, don’t worry! If you’re interested, we can help with migration to a new platform.

We will do an audit of your tech stack in our initial conversation. Send your enquiry and let’s get started!

How do we get started?

To get started with our email marketing campaign management service, you complete the enquiry form telling us all about your business. We get back to you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) with a link to your free 30 minute discovery call.

During our call, we’ll ask you about your business and figure out how we can best help you. By the end, we’ll agree on a proposed way forward, schedule and payment cadence, then we’re good to go!

What does working together look like?

The first thing you should know about our email marketing campaign management service is that we manage this marketing channel for you, in collaboration. We want you to feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, not added!

We will ask you for the following information:

  • Customer profile/s
  • Existing email list details – who is on there, how did they get there, etc.
  • Access to branding, including style guides, images and any content marketing strategy documentation you have.

We’ll also have a 1:1 sit down with you to download all of your knowledge and insights into your business, products and customers.

As we get into our work flow, we’ll keep you updated on timelines and what to expect and when. We’ll present copy and email previews to you, take on board edits as needed, and press the send button on your behalf.

Behind the scenes, we’ll be your email platform tech support gurus, optimising your data, testing (as needed), monitoring results and reporting back.

We’ll also have regular check-ins with you about content and ask you to provide any upcoming promotional information, or offers as needed.

What are your payment terms?

For our email marketing campaign management service, we set up an automated subscription style payment system. Our payment options are:

  • 3 month cycle – this is our minimum commitment period. You have the option to review and renew each quarter. Pricing is locked in for 3 months.
  • 6 month cycle – You have the option to review and renew twice a year. Pricing is locked in for 6 months.
  • 12 month cycle – You have the option to review and renew once a year. Pricing is locked in for 12 months.

Our pricing is reviewed once a year, or if there are significant changes in costs that are above our control.