It’s great to see all that effort you’ve put into your promotional campaigns is finally winning you new customers. High five girlfriend!

Now the question is, once someone buys from you – then what do you do with them?

Their shopping experience doesn’t end once they’ve submitted their order.

In fact, it’s only just the beginning.

Breaking down the shopping experience…

Whether we buy in-store or online, our brains are chemically programmed to activate when we experience something new or exciting.

In a nutshell, each time we buy something our Dopamine receptors are activated. You may have heard (or experienced) the term ‘shoppers high’. Well, it’s not a myth.

Without sounding too geeky, Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centres. It enables us not only to see a reward, but to move toward it.

Science out of the way – what does this have to do with keeping new customers happy?

Short answer = everything.

Longer answer = at the point of purchase, and the follow days after, it’s important to captialise on the shoppers high that your customer will be experiencing.

This is especially important for online stores as physical products need to be packed and shipped, which leaves a time lag between the handing over of payment to the product arriving in their hands.

Compare that to a buying experience from a physical store where the customer is able to walk away with their newly purchased item resulting in instant gratification.

So, when it comes to creating an online shopping experience, how do you keep the shopping-high party going?

The simple answer is by creating an automated post order email sequence.

Here’s my top 5 tips for creating yours…

1). Act immediately

As soon as your new customer has hit the order button, ensure that they get their first email immediately. This does one of two things:

> It puts their mind at ease that their order has gone through your system, and

> It gives them something to focus their shoppers high on, like a reminder that they made the purchase in the absence of a fancy shopping bag with gold embossed branding and fabric ribbon handles.

Also fun fact: this email is likely to be your most opened email of all time.

2). Set expectations

Order confirmations provide useful information, but not if your user has no idea about what’s going happen next.

Tell them what the future looks like by outlining your order process like this example from Solestruck.


Keep new customers happy with an order confirmation email.


3). Send a helpful tip

Help them get the best out of their purchase by offering a helpful tip. This adds value and gives them motivation to use the product as soon as it arrives.

This example from Harry’s is a simple yet powerful example. It showcases their product/s and let’s the customer know that they’re there for them, even after the transaction is complete.


Keep new customers happy with an educational tip.


4). Ask for a timely review

A bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you don’t want to ask too soon or too late, but just at the right time.

If you have a good grasp on how long it takes for your orders to ship, or you have some kind of tracking system in place, then use this date and add 5-7 days.

You need to give your new customer time to use or wear your product and form a good relationship with it.

When asking for a review, think about where your prospects are likely to go to do their research. Will they be on your website, Facebook or Google?


5). Get your next offer to them quickly

Repeat customers spend annually 120% more than new customers, so while they’re red hot, in love with your brand and even telling others about it, why not give them a special offer to re-engage them while they’re in the moment?

There’s a few ways to go about this – choose which best fits in with your strategy:

A discount – percentage off. Simple and easy to apply. Give them a discount to encourage them to by again, quickly.

Membership – Want to hook in loyal customers for a while? Why not offer membership with a discount on their first month as an incentive?

Referral program – got one of these? Now could be a good time to gain new referrers to help spread the word about your business, like this example from Saje.

What does your new customer sequence look like? Let me know.


Want to create your own memorable shopping experience?

You can make people feel welcomed, connected and engaged with your shop by setting up key email flows (aka. automations) to make your life easier. Read more about the Ecommerce Email Flow Set Up package to get started.