Figuring out how to write a killer marketing email is hard!

Throw in a dislike for sounding too salesy and perhaps an aversion to receiving marketing emails yourself, and it’s little wonder you don’t often send emails to your audience!

If you’d rather clean the top shelf of the pantry, or take a quiz to find out what type of cheese you are, then sit at your computer and bash out some solid email copy, this post is for you!

I’m going share some practical tips for why you shouldn’t give up on conquering writing your own emails.

Tip #1: Reconnect with your ideal customer

The first step for writing a killer marketing email is to take a moment and reconnect with the person that your business is created for, aka. your ideal customer.

Why did I start here? Because the worst place to write an email from is your own perspective. You’re the business owner, not the customer or client.

Get out of your head and into your customer’s head. Think about what they might be doing at that very moment…

👉 Are they struggling with something?

👉 What do they go to bed thinking about each night?

👉 What do they wish their life could be like now and in five years’ time?

Tip #2: Get reacquainted with your benefits

Now that your ideal customer is in your head, it’s time to remind yourself about how awesome your products or services are by outlining the benefits that they deliver to your customers.

Start by writing down HOW your offerings will change your customer lives for the better. Will they…

👉 Give your customer time back?

👉 Alleviate stress?

👉 Squash guilt?

👉 Lighten their mental load?

👉 Indulge them?

👉 Give them confidence?

👉 What about comfort?

Have one or more things in mind? Awesome, you got BENEFITS!

And, if you didn’t know already, benefits are what draw people to your brand and help you write a killer marketing email without feeling like you’re being too pushy.

Tip #3: Defining the purpose of your email

So you have your ideal customer pictured in your mind, as well as your benefits, you’re ready to get into the doing part… the writing.

Now think about the purpose of your email.

Every single email you send has to have a purpose. Every. Single. One.

Here’s my 3-step process for defining your email purpose…

Step 1 – Figure out the answer to…’Why I am writing to my customer today?’

Why do you need to do this?

Because we only engage with things if we’re clear on What’s in it for me? Yes, us humans are a pretty self-centred bunch (quelle horreur!😱).

Your customer will want to know why they should read your email and what they’re going to get out of giving you their precious time.

Here are some ideas for why you might compose an email to your subscribers:

👉 A timely special offer, e.g. flash sale.

👉 A new offer or product/service, just released or new arrival.

👉 A handy set of tips or guide, e.g. new blog post.

👉 An important announcement that changes the way you operate, e.g. free shipping, updated service.

👉 A thank you, e.g. for your order etc.

👉 An introduction, e.g. a welcome email. That doesn’t mean you have to literally say, Today I am writing to you because, but it has to be obvious.

Step 2 – How can I make my emails more personal / fun / engaging for my audience?

Here’s a go-to copy hack I like to use to write a killer marketing email: Find your common ground with your audience and use it to your advantage!

What do you connect with them on? Try one of these:

👉 A life-stage, e.g. new parent, just married, renovating, starting a new business etc.

👉 Day-to-day, e.g. demands of life, children, pets, exercise routine etc.

👉 Time of year, e.g. going on holiday, school holidays, winter, summer.

👉 Something newsworthy that everyone is talking about and experiencing together… Ummm, hello pandemic!

Step 3 – Include those benefits you’ve already identified.

No really, literally go back to your list and work out how they relate to your email. That’s it.

Putting it all together…

Use this set of 3 questions to help you get motivated to write a killer marketing email…

Example 1:

Why am I writing to you today? The person signed up to my email list and I’m sending them a welcome email.

What common ground can I connect with them on? We’re both parents and have little time in our busy lives. I get how they feel so I can talk about that.

What benefits does my product or service give them? My service gives them time back in their day. They will appreciate this.

Example 2:

Why am I writing to you today? I want to let my subscribers know about a new product I have in my store.

What common ground can I connect with them on? The school holidays are coming up and my product will help them keep the kids entertained.

What benefits does my product or service give them? It will lighten their mental load for part of their day so they can take a break from all the chaos.

How to stay motivated to write your next email… and the next… and next…

So, you’ve got reacquainted with your ideal customer and you’ve worked out what your benefits are. You’ve even worked out why you’re writing to your subscriber and what common ground you can include to make your email feel more relatable. Nice one!

Once you have your customer, benefits and purpose in mind, then sitting down to write your email will feel like less of a chore without feeling pushy or spammy.

Wrapping it all up – how-to write a killer email in 4 steps…

The next time you feel the need to run away from writing an email, just remember these steps:

Step 1 – Stop and re-connect with your ideal customer. Think about what they might be doing at that moment or that day or week.

Step 2 – Get into their space and head. Think about how your product or service can make their lives easier.

Step 3 – Think about why you’re writing to them and what they’ll get out of your email.

Step 4 – Think about what common ground you share that you can talk about. Can you relay it back to them in words that they’d instantly connect with? That’s it! Let me know what you think – do you feel motivated to write your next email? Sorry, make that write a killer email 😉

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