Ever wonder how some business owners send well put together marketing emails that are a breeze to read?

Where their copy draws you in from the first sentence before seamlessly segueing into a call-to-action that doesn’t feel like they’re selling you anything (even though they are).

You could say their emails are a joy to read (stay with me).

Well, there’s two ways they manage to do this.

The first is that they hired someone. It’s true. People outsource their email marketing copy all the time, and email copywriting is a service I provide inside my Welcome Email Sequence, Ecommerce Flow Set Up and Customer Experience Marketing packages.

The second, they invested time into learning how to write their own marketing emails.

The first option is great for people who have no time and a healthy ongoing budget to invest while the second option is great for people who have time and a smaller budget.

Either way the need is the same.

As email is the best revenue-generating marketing channel for your business, you NEED to make sure the emails you are sending are worthy of reading.

That’s why I’m giving you 5 tips to give your emails a makeover and get your subscribers to FINALLY read them.


Tip #1: Put on your audience’s shoes

In fact, go the whole hog and wear their clothes too.

In other words, START thinking like them and STOP thinking like you and what you’re offering.

You’re selling something. You have an agenda.

On the other hand, your subscribers are simply going about their day, leading their normal lives.

Bottom line: They’re not thinking about you as deeply as you’re thinking about them, and they’re not waiting to hear from you either.

So, how can you neatly slot into their daily routine to grab their attention at the right moment?

The answer is making sure that you’re sending emails when they’re likely to be reading them. This helps increase the chance of your email being at the top of the pile instead of the bottom.

Action step: Begin with thinking about what their day looks like, and most importantly, when are they likely to read their emails?

— Is it first thing in the morning while they’re still in bed?

— Is it on the train on their morning commute?

— While watching tv in the evening?

— Sitting down first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee?

— During their kids’ nap time?

Once you’ve nailed these down, congrats! You’ve completed the first step in connecting with your subscribers.


Tip #2: Keep your email’s job simple

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve tried to do too many things at once and then your brain just freezes?

Like when you have too many things to do on your to-do and they’re all urgent.

This brain freeze happens to subscribers too. Like when you give them too many actions to take in one email. The only difference is that they have the option of deleting your email and walking away.

It can be tempting to ask your readers to do more than one thing since you’ve got their attention and all, however this can have the reverse effect and cause them to tune out – not a good result at all!

Instead, focus on ONE type of action you’d like your subscriber to take and focus on that. For example, is the purpose of your email to get them to buy something, download something, follow you or enrol in your course?

Action step: For your next email, think of ONE thing you want your subscribers to do and focus your copy on getting them to do that. You may be surprised at how easy it is for them to complete that task once the rest of the distractions have been taken away.


Tip #3: Make your email easy to read

Beautifully designed emails are becoming a staple of many brands these days.

Copy overlayed over images, funky design elements and handwritten fonts make for drool-worthy emails… except when the design is not responsive.

By responsive I mean that each individual element in your email automatically resizes to fit ANY screen that your email is being read on – desktop, mobile or tablet.

Reading emails on mobile phones is taking over from desktop computers in a big way, so making sure that your emails are readable is important.

By this, I mean using appropriately sized email headings, including images that resize automatically to fit any screen width, and most importantly, copy that you don’t have to squint to read (minimum font size should be 16 pt).

This is also important for accessibility – after all, everybody should have the chance to read your amazing emails.

Action step: Preview your next email on your mobile phone before sending it out, not just your desktop.


Tip #4: Inject your personality into your emails.

Write like you speak.

It’s that simple.

Stop creating stiff, formal sounding emails that you think make you sound experienced and professional.

You’re not a robot and neither are your audience.

Instead, imagine sitting down with them over a cup of coffee and speaking your email to them. How would that go?

Action step: Read your email aloud. If you’d never in a million years talk the way you write then give it another crack. Remember, your audience has subscribed to hear from you so try using a free dictation app such as otter.ai if you can’t shake your inner formal self.


Tip #5: Focus on your biz benefits, not features.

I guarantee you that nobody on your email list will buy from you just because your membership includes a monthly hot seat session, or your line of skin care is made using shea butter and coconut oil.

Yes, these are GREAT features, but at the end of the day all people want to know is, what’s in it for them and why should they care about buying from you?

So, instead of saying that your monthly membership includes hot seats, talk about the fact that your members get to deep dive into their business with you which will keep them on track and help them reach their goal faster!

And, instead of listing ingredients in your skin care range, talk about the results that your customers see from your products – if you have before and after photos, that’s even better!

Action step: Write down the things that your ideal customer wants for themselves and how your product or service can help them get there.

For example, do they want to join a membership where they know they’ll get one-to-one time with the person who runs that program, not just a member of a bigger team?

Or, do they want to find a gentle skin cream for sensitive skin that they can also use for their children?


How to write emails your subscribers will read

Writing your emails from a place of serving over selling is always the best place to start getting more eyeballs on your emails.

Then, focusing on writing to ONE person, your ideal customer, using these tips will help your emails go from being just ordinary emails to emails that people want to read.

So, don’t forget to…

— Always put yourself in your audiences shoes (or clothes) and think about how they consume emails on a daily basis.

— Then keep your emails simple by asking your subscribers to do ONE thing at a time.

— Make it easy for them to read your email without the bells and whistles of fancy design that can become too distracting.

— Always make sure you are speaking like you speak, not trying to be someone that you think sounds knowledgeable.

— Finally, always focus on benefits over features. In other words, why should your subscriber give a 💩 about what you have to say.


Like these email marketing tips and want to learn more?

Why not request an Email Account Audit? Perfect if your list isn’t falling over themselves to buy and you want to provide less transactional interactions and more transformational experiences.