Welcome Email Sequence


Truth bomb: You’re a BIG deal but not every subscriber is ready to buy from you after joining your list.

The good news is that it doesn’t mean forever, so your job is to make a great first impression to increase your chances.

This is the role of a welcome email sequence!

And, much like auditioning for the next big Broadway musical, you only get one shot at it, so landing the gig relies on how you help people understand WHAT you do, WHO you do it for and WHY they should choose you over the competition.

Did you know?

The average open rate for a standard email newsletter is 21% versus the first email in a welcome sequence which can be as high as 90%! That’s MORE eyeballs on your business from day dot!

Welcome Email Sequence Packages

Let me help you win the role you were born to play with a welcome email sequence of your very own.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does this service include?

You get a complete set up from strategy, copy, design and sequence building. I can also provide guidance on your sign up incentive, as such a lead magnet or discount if you wish.

Why is a welcome sequence such a big deal?

It’s the only sequence that lets new people learn WHAT your business does, WHO you are and WHY choosing you is the BEST decision they’ll ever make, in the shortest amount of time.

Read my blog post: Welcome Email Sequence: 6 Reasons Why You Need One, if you’d like more information on this.

How can a Welcome Email Sequence help my business?

Marketing emails tend to fall into one of two groups: 1). They’re perceived as unimportant and deleted or, 2). They’re a welcomed part of someone’s day, opened and read.

When someone signs up to your list it doesn’t mean they think about you very deeply, so if you don’t email them for days, weeks or months, they’re likely to forget about you entirely!

A welcome sequence helps people understand the most important and relevant reasons for why choosing your business is the right choice for them to make.

Why do I need a series of emails? Won’t one do?

No. Because one email alone does not build a relationship.

When you send multiple emails over a period of time, you’re helping people get to know you, your values and what you stand for.

Also, when you pre-empt their main concerns and give answers to them from the get-go, you’re building trust and a deeper connection.

How many emails are in a welcome sequence?

It depends on your business but I typically produce a minimum of 5 emails for my clients.

I’m not keen on being ‘the face’ of my business, can you still create me a welcome sequence?

Tbh, it would be like trying to write an email with one arm tied behind my back.

The reason you started your business is what connects you with your customers and creates uncopyable content that sticks in people’s minds.

Also, your brand needs to be humanised in order for a marketing specialist, like me, to be able to present it in its best light. That goes for any marketing specialist you may hire in the future too!